My Free Entry Place - How do I find My Unique Share Code?

Thank you for signing up to the million steps challenge! We are really looking forward to it and hope you are too


We have had a few queries as to how to get your FREE Place and sharing with friends


The Million Steps Challenge really is awesome to do with friends and it does help you to cross that finish line.  And when you form your team with six friends, - your place is free!


Your Million Steps Unique code share with friends can be found in

> an email you received when you signed up (check your spam folders)

> Your code is always in your profile:  


It's simple! Just log in here -

Please Be Patient or Refresh the Page and wait whilst your Unique Code is Generated.

We use third-party software to generate your code and sometimes it takes just a few moments for the code to be generated.


This is what you will see (image below) - your code is always here and the number of friends who have signed up will show in the tracker area.


When you reach Six Friends - we will refund your place at the end of the challenge

For terms and conditions, you can visit