Pedometer Pairing or Sync Issues

There are instances where pairing or Sync Issues may arise.  The reasons for these can be varied as all Bluetooth devices can have problems with phones.

Bluetooth can be fickle sometimes and also be affected by your phone makers updates.  

There are also instances when Bluetooth can “hang” or get frozen

Please do not worry about lost step counts as the pedometer holds 30 days of data

Please note that phone devices and Bluetooth issues can be due to the phone model, manufacturer and updates which is outside of our control

Always also check and do an internet search for example

“Bluetooth connection issues XXXX Model XXX Brand of phone” or variables

We have found when users become aware of their phone make and model updates/issues, it resolves the problem quickly

Steps to resolve issues

Please follow the steps below and in most instances, this solves the issue



> Make sure you shut down the Million Steps App

> Turn off your phone

> Re-start your phone

> Launch the Million Steps app and let it sync naturally

If this does not work, please proceed to Step 2



> Go to your PHONE settings (NOT the app)

> Find your phone Bluetooth section

> Remove/unpair/forget the pedometer JCFit 1822 from your phone

> Now shutdown and restart your phone

> Then launch the million steps app

> allow for a natural sync

If there is no sync from the app and device, please proceed to Step 3


Step 3

> In the Million Steps app

> Go to settings

> Click Remove device

> Click Scan for the device

> Select the JCFit 1822 pedometer

> Go back to the dashboard

> Shut down app

> Relaunch app

> Allow a natural sync

If the problem persists, please contact and we would be grateful if: 

> Put your name in the subject line and a short description of the problem (e..g. pairing issue, sync issue, cannot charge pedometer)

> You gave us a clear explanation of the issue you are facing to speed up and support responses.