My Registration is Incomplete/Cannot Login to App

Completing the Participant Profile/Fundraising page online

If you find that you cannot log in to your online account or your app, it could mean that you have not completed your registration fully.

This is a simple process to correct.

1)  Please check the email account that you signed up with 

2)  You would have received an email from us > with the subject line: 

  "One Million Steps Payment details and important information (Keep  this safe!)"

3)  In that email, you will see a few links

> Look for the one that says “To create or edit your fundraising page click here”

> Click on that link

> it's a personal link to your profile/fundraising page

Your main Profile Page will have a section that looks like this below.  Click on Edit Page:


You will now see your Fundraising Page
The page looks like this in the image below
Make sure to complete/update all mandatory sections and click
FINISH REGISTRATION  (message follows image) 

Ø Complete the relevant sections and click "Finish Registration" right at the bottom
Ø You have now completed your registration on-line
Please follow the instructions below to complete your registration in-app

2. Once you have clicked Finish Registration, you will receive an

Ø email to confirm and
Ø Email for your referral link

Now you can download the Million Steps App


Apple iOS

Further Information can always be found here

Once installed on your phone, launch the app and follow the setup instructions

Please contact if you require any assistance