General Sync Issues

There are times where sync may seem not to have taken place.

A Sync takes place from device/appl health/google fit > the million steps app

A second sync needs to take place to store the data in "the cloud" servers and then update your progress on your challenge in your phone

This could be for a number of reasons, like a break in wifi signal or moving from one screen to the next too quickly or logging out before a sync is complete

To resolve this > you should in the first instance try this:

Stage One

> Shut down the Million Steps app completely so it's not running in the background

> Shut down and re-start/reboot your phone

> Relaunch the Million Steps App

> Allow it to do a full natural sync at this main dashboard. Note: if it is taking longer than a few mins, then please proceed to the next steps) 

> Now click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner

> Click Settings

> Allow for a few moments for the system to identify the various settings

> At the top half, there should be a section which says "Last Synced" > This tells you when full sync has taken place and will tell you if a sync has taken place "a few seconds ago"

> Now click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner again

> Click on Dashboard

Stage Two

> Repeat the above process again

> And when you reach settings, please check what it says at "Last synched"

This resolves most common issues with full server syncs

If you are still facing issues and for further support, please email us at