Google Fit and Apple Health Sign Ups

Participants have the option of signing up with Google Fit and Apple health

However, it is strongly advised that you check your device or app first to ensure that it allows integration with Google Fit and Apple Health

One Million Steps cannot  be held responsible, and no refunds can be provided, if a user subsequently, and after a purchase, discovers that their current tracker or tracking app does not allow for integration with Google Fit or Apple Health

To use JUST Google Fit or Apple Health for the Million Steps challenge

> please ensure that you give the full permissions.  This will ensure the most accurate collection of data

For Google Fit

Please ensure that  you allow Google Fit permission to access the phone motion data and give One Million Steps permission to access the data

It is strongly advised that the GPS tracking feature in Google Fit is turned off and that only the motion feature is turned on.  Users of Google Fit in general have noticed that it can be prone to double-counting when both are turned on.

For Apple Health

Please ensure that all settings are given for accurate step counts.


We ask users for all permissions to simplify the process. 

Your Million Steps Challenge Step data is dependent on the settings you make in Apple Health.

This is because Apple Health works differently from Google Fit in the way it splits the information
So for example, your apple health may be showing 10,000 steps

BUT this could be made up of steps (6000 steps), yoga (1000 steps), aerobics (1000 steps), a bike ride  (2000 steps) etc

If you don't give the full permissions, the data that Apple Health will send to the OMS app will only be 6000 steps - as that is just the actual steps BUT NOT the conversions from other activities  

Using Your Own Device and Tracker

Users are asked to check if their device or tracker can connect and sync with Google Fit and Apple Health.

The Million Steps app works by collecting data from Google Fit and Apple Health

As such, it is important that a user clearly knows that their device can connect with Google Fit and Apple Health

Many devices are able to do this directly, however, some, like Fitbit require a third-party intermediary app

There are a number of these and a user can do an online search to find out how.  For example, "How do I sync XXXX device with Google Fit (or Apple Health depending on your preference)"

For Fitbit and devices that do not connect sync directly, some users may use an intermediary app such as Health Sync (Android) or Power Sync (Apple iOS) for integration

i.e. Your current tracker device  > Health Sync/Power Sync > Google Fit or Apple health

PLEASE NOTE One Million Steps:

1) cannot advise on the quality of integration or costs of such intermediary apps

2) cannot support any issue from your device to either Google Fit or Apple Health

3) Supports only the sync between Google Fit/Apple Health and the Million Steps App