Connecting Your Own Tracker or Device

Using Your Own Device and Tracker

Users are asked to check if their device or tracker can connect and sync with Google Fit and Apple Health.

The Million Steps app works by collecting data from

> Google Fit and

> Apple Health

A Participant must check that their device can connect with Google Fit and Apple Health

Many devices, like Fitbit, Huawei and Garmin require a third-party intermediary app

There are a number of these and a user can do an online search to find out how. 

Please do an internet search like:

"How do I sync my XXXX device with Google Fit (or Apple Health)

We cannot recommend any particular intermediary app however we do know that Participants often mention that they use:

Health Sync (Android) for integration with Google Fit
Power Sync (Apple iOS) for integration with Apple Health

i.e. Your current tracker device  > Health Sync/Power Sync > Google Fit/Apple Health


One Million Steps:

1) cannot advise on the quality of integration or costs of such intermediary apps

2) cannot support any issue from YOUR DEVICE to either Google Fit or Apple Health

3) ONLY SUPPORTS the sync between Google Fit/Apple Health and the Million Steps App