"Invite friends and get your place FREE when SIX join" Offer - How it Works and Terms and Conditions

What is it?

One Million Steps may from time to time offer a special discount or voucher for those who buy a place on a challenge

This "Invite friends and get your place FREE when they join" offer can vary but the offer details will be stated in the Thank You Page after purchase AND will follow the following terms and conditions

How To Activate The Offer

1) The Share Offer referral code will be listed on:

> the Customer Payment Thank You Page  

> Your profile page. Simply log into your account here https://millionsteps.com/login/

It looks like this

Please keep code safe and only use it yourself.

2) A customer will also receive an email welcoming them to the offer if you have activated the offer as above in point 1.

NOTE: Customers MUST check their SPAM FOLDERS for the welcome email to the offer.  If you find the welcome email in your spam folder, please ensure that you report it as NOT SPAM and move it to your inbox.

3) To invite more friends, please use YOUR referral code. 

Copy your code shown on the Thank You page or your profile account and keep it safe. 

You can also share the code by clicking on the Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media buttons and an email link

The email you receive will have an Invite Friends button that you can you use to invite more friends

You can also use the code by copying and pasting it in any email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other social media platform

Simply paste the code and write a message inviting your friends!

4) Every time a friend signs up and pays using your code, you will receive an email to notify you

5)  To check how many referrals you have, click on the invite friends button and scroll down the page to find your own unique referral and reward section.

You can also find the details by logging into your account here https://millionsteps.com/login/

It will look like this:


1) One Million Steps cannot be held responsible for any shares that are carried out with the wrong code.

2) One Million Steps cannot be held responsible for any codes that are used by friends wrongly or that are lost because a user has left the site or broken the chain and tracking of the code.

3) Any friend who wishes to use the code or offer must do so immediately.  Codes CAN BE LOST if a friend goes to multiple pages or leaves the site.  One Million Steps cannot be held responsible for any referral codes that are lost or become untrackable if a user breaks the code tracking


1) When the required number of customers have bought an entry place for the challenge using YOUR referral code, you will be entitled to the advertised reward

2) This reward will be provided at the discretion of ONE Million Steps and can be a cash refund, or a voucher.  One Million Steps will endeavour to advise users on how the reward will be paid out

3) All Customers who are entitled to a reward will have their accounts checked to ensure that the referrals are obtained are valid, and from users that have paid for a place and who have not asked for a refund at any time during the challenge.

4) The free place refund does not include any extra delivery costs chosen by a customer, in this instance Signed For Delivery or any other options provided by One Million Steps

5) NOTE: Rewards will be paid out at the end of the challenge period

Closing date for any referral reward offer

All referral offers will end on the final day of sales or when stock is sold out and sales end.