The One Million Steps Challenge is the perfect fundraising tool.


One Million Steps was built to allow even the smallest business or community group to have the power of the biggest organisations.

The Million Steps app and platform is built to support fundraising.

We  hope you will fundraise for the charities on the platform

It's a great motivator and you will be walking on average 500 miles in 100 days which is an amazing achievement!


- Thinking of a way for your staff to fundraise which is resource lite and cost-effective?

- A challenge that as many staff can take part in?

- A challenge that may have added health and well-being benefits?

- A challenge that you can use for fundraising and fulfilling your corporate social responsibility 

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- Want a simple easy way to engage with your supporters?

- A challenge that you can scale and are not limited to real world events and activities?

- A challenge that may have added health and well-being benefits for your supporters?

- A full package that is easy to resource?

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