How Do I Follow Friends?

How To Follow Your Friends

Firstly, go to the friend's icon at the bottom of your main dashboard

Then tap the "+" icon in the top right

You can follow and connect with friends in three ways:

1. Email and Mobile Phone Number - Your friend's mobile phone number or email is in your phone contacts

You will have to give the app permission to search your phone contacts

Under "Your Contacts" tap "Search Contacts"

The app will search your phone contacts for any friend who is also on the platform if YOU have the phone or email YOUR FRIEND used for their sign up and login.

2. Facebook Friend (If you and your friend signed up with or log in with Facebook, the app will find the connection)

Tap on the Tab "Facebook"

Any friend who has signed up using Facebook login will be listed

NOTE:  This requires you to also have signed up using Facebook Login

3.  Add a friend with Scan/QR Code

 If you wish to add a friend who is not connected with you in your phone contacts or Facebook, you can use the scan QR code feature

IF you want to create a QR code:

> Go to your friends' leaderboard

> Click on the [scanner] icon

> A QR code will be generated

> Get your friend to scan it with their Million Steps App (see below on how to)

If you want to scan a friend's QR Code

> Go to your friends' leaderboard

> Click on the "+" icon on the top right-hand corner

> Click on the [scanner] icon in the top right-hand corner

> The scanner will activate

> Scan your friend's QR code