Completing Your Settings

Your Settings 

(Google Fit and Apple Health users may not have all features)

To go to the settings screen, look for the hamburger menu/three horizontal line icon at the top left of your screen

Click > Settings

You will see the following screen


Let's take it from the top


This indicates if your pedometer is paired with the app


This indicates if your pedometer is synching with the app.  NO does not mean it is not syncing.  It just means it is not syncing AT THE MOMENT.

Last Synced: 

Indicates when it was last synced with the servers in "The Cloud".  The Cloud is the main server where your steps are recorded.

Note: your pedometer holds 30 days of step data and it is unlikely that this data is lost. 

Other settings:

1. Remove Device

In most situations, this will not need to be used.  However, with all Bluetooth and hardware devices there may be times when the device gets disconnected from your phone.

This can happen with Bluetooth speakers or even devices like Alexa or Google Home Hub or your laptop.  This is not a problem as system updates (on your phone, the device or the app) often have to take place and sometimes devices get "disconnected" or un-paired

If ever you think your pedometer is no longer connected, you can use

> remove device

> scan

> select device 

and re-pair your pedometer with your phone

Always remember to stand away from anyone else who may have a JCFIT 1822 pedometer to ensure you connect to your pedometer correctly

2. Update Time

Again, in most situations, this will not need to be used.  

The app syncs the time of the pedometer every time the app is launched.

However, if you cross time zones or notice that the time on your pedometer is not the same as that of your phone, you should click update time

3. Measurements 

Choose to have your stats shown in Imperial or Metric on the app and pedometer

4. Screen Direction

Choose to have your stats displayed horizontally or vertically on your pedometer

5. Time Mode

Choose between a 12 hour or 24-hour clock display on your pedometer

6. Lift to Light

Choose to have your pedometer screen come "alive" when you raise your arm to read the pedometer

This requires you to raise your arm to towards your face as if you were to read your watch

NOTE:  This feature can mean that the pedometer screen can often light up even when unintended.

This will affect the battery use and require the pedometer to charge sooner.  It can also light up sometimes in bed.

TIP: We don't use this feature - it's fun for a while - but we just tap on the touchpoint "rectangle" on the screen to check our stats 

7. Activity Start Time

This is the all-important movement buzz reminder time zone.  Choose your 12-hour zone here.

Tap on the blank space and choose between 01 (am) to 12 (Noon) 

After you have chosen your start time, every hour on the hour the pedometer will buzz to remind you to move.  The recommendations are for 300 steps per hour. 

NOTE: You have to Enable Activity Reminder - see step 8 below

This buzz reminder will continue for 12 hours.  So if you set yours for 08 am Hour.  Your pedometer will buzz one every hour for 12 hours till 7 pm in the evening.

It's actually quite easy to do.  Just jog on the spot for 3 mins making sure to swing your arms and do 120 steps a min (just to make sure as we all have different arm swing moments)

This is a great way to get refreshed and build up your step count in the day 12 x 300 steps = 3600 steps!

8.  Enable Activity Reminder

Choose to activate or stop your Activity Buzz reminders